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Hi lm michael and welcome to micsairbrush.com

thanks for taking the time to have a look 


l'm in melbourne, victoria living in the westside of town

l've been signwriting for the last 20 years, now really getting into airbrushing,

it all started a few years ago when l thought I'd love to try airbrush

true fire flames, l brought an airbrush, a couple of bonnets to practice on

and since then have done car bonnets, harleys, some helmets and what l call

auto art which is airbrushing artwork pieces on car parts or whatever

you can think offor people to hang in there bars, garages or their

inner sanctum man caves,

after all the harleys l have done l thought l would get myself one

so l went and bought a 77 harley pulled it all apart

to give it a custom rebuild and paint, so we'll see how it goes,

l've done a lot of skulls which is cool because l love doing them on other

peoples projects and l'm sure they will end up on my bike

l just love the challenge of taking peoples ideas and turning them into

hopfully pieces of art that reflects their wishes and desires

to personalise their pride and joy


micsairbrush is available to discuss your custom project at anytime.

Working with clients and their budgets is not a problem,

 realizing that micsairbrush does have a minimum

of $500.00 all quotes from mic of micsairbrush.com include prep, artwork, clearcoat

and cut and polish, unless other details are specified


who said you cant buy cool ???!!!

thanx mic




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